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Web Video Ads

All videos on this site have sound ON . Your video can be made with no sound if you want.

Video Web Ads create low cost video solutions that you own forever and can place wherever/whenever you want. 

Not Cookie Cutter videos and contain your own images and video footage.

  • Video is a universal language 
  • Can show complex information in seconds
  • Video on page 1 is preferred by Google for ranking status
  • Video is now encouraged to display in Google Ads
  • Can be displayed on web page, YouTube, Facebook, etc
  • Video allows you to increase the time spent by visitors on your site which helps Google raise your rank.

Options For Your Video

  • You can select clips from our Custom Video Library from $29.C and make your own.
  • You can select clips from our Custom Video Library and direct us to assemble them and add your own pictures and video clips. from $299.C and it’s yours forever.
  • We will provide custom footage and still photos of your choice and assemble it all. Get a quick quote below.

Bonus- Get 3 free Video Clip just for getting this far.

For your Free Videos you can go to the Video Clip Library and search for the ones which price is “00.00”

Just add them to your cart. You will not be asked for any payment.

Download and enjoy.

You also get Free access to 2000 Stock photos.

Got to rykphoto.ca

See Stock Photos and right click the large image and “Save As”.

Download and enjoy!

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